"I had a powerful experience on the retreat.  Awakening to the call of howler monkeys, falling asleep to the night symphony, watching your favorite sloth do what sloths do, and meditating on my breath and the sounds of the rain forest as I moved through my asanas was truly unforgettable.  These were only a handful of the many moments I lived and breathed into while on the retreat.  David's inspired teaching and music, his ability to plan for and adapt to the groups needs and desires, and having time to slow down to nature's pace but still remain active made for the perfect experience in paradise.  The Goddess Garden will draw you in, and you may never be the same!"  - Leigh K.

"It was my first trip to Costa Rica and it could not have been experienced at a better location. The Goddess Garden is not only beautiful and well taken care of, it is immersed in nature and there isn't a corner you can turn without encountering a new animal or plant. The many spaces provided for our group to practice yoga were inspiring; always a view of the greenery entwined with an orchestra of rainforest sounds. Add to that the patient and peaceful presence of the retreat leader, David Courtenay, and the experience was a true rejuvacation. I had an unforgettable time and I would recommend this yoga retreat to anyone!" - Ellie A.

     "David is not only a great personal trainer, but a great person as well. As a trainer, he is knowledgable about the body and is able to create unique workouts that are challenging and interesting. As a person, he truly cares about helping you acheive your goals. I didn't really believe this at first, but session after session David proved his genuine passion for helping me improve not only physically, but emotionally. I am a more fit, active and stronger person on all levels having had David as my trainer."  - Nicole B.

     "David offers a balanced approach to fitness training.  He uses his background in Yoga and weight training to provide a well-rounded workout routine.  David has been, and continues to be, instrumental for me as I strive to build muscle mass and increase flexibility and core strength." - Heath F.

 "When I first met with David, I told him I had four goals: to build strength, to increase stability/balance, to gain flexibility and perhaps to lose a few pounds. My strength has improved to be sure. My BMI is 2 or 3 points lower.  I have much better balance, stability and flexibility. I knew that improving on these areas was essential to healthy living.  David has been an important factor in achieving my success in all four areas and has been highly efficient.  David brings a multi-dimensional approach to my program, which includes strength-training, yoga, stretching and massage therapy.  Having one person do all three provides a synergetic benefit to me." -Vincent K.